Empowering businesses to be better by harnessing the power of effective marketing strategies.

You wouldn’t build a house without a design, a plan or a good foundation. If any of these aren’t strong, then it is likely to fail. The same applies to marketing. Effective marketing is built on a sound marketing strategy and plan.
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About us

The Marketing Architect was born when founder, Teresa Ma’aelopa, discovered that small and medium-sized businesses did not have access to the same level of strategic marketing advice and knowledge as large corporate companies.

Teresa set about sharing her knowledge as a strategic marketing consultant with businesses of all shapes and sizes and built a business on her personal values.

Personal Service
A boutique marketing support service that knows your business.
Continuous Improvement
Taking small steps to improve your business within the resources available. We get one thing right before we move on to the next.
We love what we do and our purpose is to help you succeed. If you succeed, so do we.
We share our knowledge openly so that you can learn how to apply the marketing principles in your business.
We understand what it’s like being a business owner. Being pulled in every direction and not having the resources to do everything.
Treating your business as our own
We only recommend strategies and plans that we’d be happy to implement in our own business.
We aren’t trying to sell you a monthly service or tie you in to any contracts. We are independent and can therefore do what is right for your business.

Teresa Ma’aelopa

Teresa has over 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry across all aspects of marketing; marketing strategy, brand management and positioning, internal and external communications, digital marketing, customer centricity, journey planning, and product management.
She has an innate curiosity of people which drives her to understand how people think and the reasons for their actions. Putting the customer at the heart of all decisions while ensuring commercial viability is what helps her build successful marketing strategies.
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Teresa Ma’aelopa

Our Sustainable Website

At Marketing Architect we recognise we have a responsibility to protect the environment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wild Tree Digital to build a low-carbon site.
For each homepage view, our website uses 0.06g of carbon, compared to 0.8g of carbon for a standard website. That means for every 1000 views we’re saving the equivalent of keeping a light bulb on for 72 hours!
But that’s not all! Our website is also hosted on a server powered by renewable energy, further reducing our environmental impact.
If you would like to learn more about sustainable online practices and how we’re working towards a greener web, please visit wildtreedigital.com.
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