Strategic Marketing Services

Our strategic marketing services are now available to businesses of all sizes, small, medium and large. 

The Marketing Architect provides experienced marketing consultants to assist your business in all areas of marketing.
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Marketing Strategy

Each marketing strategy is adapted to suit your business needs.
The basic Marketing Architect strategy covers:
Understanding the market you operate in.
Target audience segmentation.
Understanding your target audience; needs, pain points, moments that matter.
Creating your customer value proposition.
Competitor analysis to establish your point of difference.
Review of your current marketing activity.
Establishing your brand position; purpose, values, promise, personality.
Channel selection.
Other elements that can be added:
Buyers’ Journey analysis.
Yearly marketing plan, including campaigns.
KPI development and measurement.
Budget development.
New Product Development and go to market strategy.
Sales process review.
Marketing tools review, e.g. CRM, marketing automation.

Marketing Coaching

Grow your knowledge by utilising the many years of experience of our marketing consultants.
This is ideal for business owners that want to learn how to do it right themselves or companies with a junior marketing manager or coordinator.

A marketing coaching programme will be developed according to your requirements.
Marketing activity and tactics
Common coaching programmes include:
How to apply a marketing strategy to marketing activity and tactics.
How to write content to engage your audience.
Understanding how to set marketing KPIs and measure them.
Learn how to effectively brief and manage marketing agencies and suppliers.
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Fractional Marketing Manager

Don’t have the time to manage your marketing and don’t want to employ someone to do it for you?

Our experienced marketing consultants can help manage the marketing for your small business on a part time basis.
Common activities we assist with:
Managing your marketing agencies / suppliers and holding them accountable.
Managing large strategic marketing projects, such as a new website build, or implementing a CRM.
Setting KPIs, measuring activities and apply learnings to improve your marketing.
Providing marketing leadership and strategic support to your marketers.
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